Top Roofing Tips

Top roofing tipsRoof, a very important for your house. As it is so important it must be taken proper care of. Roof must be maintained and for that you must pay proper attention towards it. You should have regular inspection of your roof and look forward if there are any repairs needed and if it is so then take the immediate action. Here are some of the roofing tips that might help you for taking care of your roof.

  • Think about the safety first

Panicking and trying hard to find the leak immediately as soon as you seem to feel is something which can end up taking you to the hospital. Climbing onto the roof when it is raining or it is covered up with the snow is not the appropriate way to find out a leak. It could be hindering your safety. If you are also trying to fix the leak on a temporary basis is also very dangerous. If you want to do it in a right manner then there is no quick fix method. What you need to do is take the proper time, keep patience and wait for the nature to be alright and then start with the fixing work.

  • Take precautions

Climbing the roof and working on it is not a regular activity and you would not be comfortable doing it.  Your body will not be habituated to work in such positions and work. Thus it would not be comfortable and safe for you. Don’t forget to wear the rubber sole shoes which will save you from slipping. Use a harness for more comfort and safety. If possible always keep someone around you and then work.

  • Spray the roof

Use a garden hose, climb up the roof and then start spraying with the garden hose in different part of the roof to locate the position of the leak. Don’t do it during winter time as it is not good to spray water when it is already freezing outside.

  • Keep the gutters clean

One of the most common area and base of the leak is clogged gutters. Those gutters which are not clean clog the rain water and those clogged rain water can lead to causing of leaks.

  • Avoid dry rot

Dry rot is not at all related to any water damage issues but it is related to ventilation issues. If the roof repair is in the middle of the roof then it can happen that the plywood gets deteriorated. The roof will sag in and it can lead to cause the roof shingles getting cracked and brittle and then all these causes leak. If you want to prevent a dry rot then you should install a ridge vent. For letting the ridge vent to work you must have a soffit vent. Holes must be drilled through the soffit vent so that the cool air passes through the bottom and push the hot air out through the top.

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