Tips to fix a broken stair

Repair broken stair, stairsIs your stair broken? Are you worried about how to fix the stair? Before you think of fixing the broken stair, ascertain the main reason behind the damage. Identify the place where the stair has broken and depending on that identify the reason due to which it has broken. It may be due to huge pressure or excessive load. Due to extreme variation in temperature the wooden stairs expand or contract. If enough space is not provided for this expansion or contraction, then it may lead to crack.

These problems can be solved by either replacing the particular stair that has been damaged. If that is not possible due to constructional complexity, then it may lead to the change of the complete set. However if the complete stair broken due to excessive load, the only way out is to place a new stair in that place because replacing the whole thing is quite time consuming as well as will incur huge amount.

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