Tips to build a brick wall

Build a brick wall, wall construction tipsA brick wall can be made to separate two properties, add accent to your garden or simply creating privacy in a yard. Brick walls are very appealing and also sustaining them when finished is very simple as they will not suffer from cracks as is in the case of cement walls. Bricks are supposed to be laid against a wall that already exists, so your brick wall should not be very big. Most times people hire contractors for making even the smallest brick walls for their home but with simple tips to build a brick wall, you can construct it yourself.

A brick wall can be built in many styles such as the running bond, herring bone, basket weave, etc. First measure the wall’s height and length. Second is to make a base of concrete for the wall. Next when it dries start building the wall from the left side. Lastly level the layers with a leveling tool.

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