Pest eradication tips

Kitchen hygiene tips, pest controlPests are a nuisance no matter where they are. Pests in the kitchen could lead to food poisoning and degrade the standard of hygiene in the kitchen. Pests in your cupboard could leads to damage of clothes as they bite away pieces of garments. Here are a few tips that you can follow to eradicate pests from your house:

1) Keep ants away by keeping sweet things in air tight containers. Do not let food particles lay here and there as this leads to ants. You can also keep slices of bitter cucumber as ants have a natural dislike for cucumber.

2) Vacuum mattresses and pillows in order to keep away dust mites. These mites can also be avoided by letting in ample amount of sunlight indoors during the day.

3) In order to keep your cabinets and appliances free of cockroaches, regularly clean the dirty places in the kitchen and vacuum regularly. Diatomaceous earth is another way of dehydrating the cockroaches and killing them in two weeks.

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