Top Roofing Tips

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by by Ainsley

Top roofing tipsRoof, a very important for your house. As it is so important it must be taken proper care of. Roof must be maintained and for that you must pay proper attention towards it. You should have regular inspection of your roof and look forward if there are any repairs needed and if it is so then take the immediate action. Here are some of the roofing tips that might help you for taking care of your roof.

  • Think about the safety first

Panicking and trying hard to find the leak immediately as soon as you seem to feel is something which can end up taking you to the hospital. Climbing onto the roof when it is raining or it is covered up with the snow is not the appropriate way to find out a leak. It could be hindering your safety. If you are also trying to fix the leak on a temporary basis is also very dangerous. If you want to do it in a right manner then there is no quick fix method. What you need to do is take the proper time, keep patience and wait for the nature to be alright and then start with the fixing work.

  • Take precautions

Climbing the roof and working on it is not a regular activity and you would not be comfortable doing it.  Your body will not be habituated to work in such positions and work. Thus it would not be comfortable and safe for you. Don’t forget to wear the rubber sole shoes which will save you from slipping. Use a harness for more comfort and safety. If possible always keep someone around you and then work.

  • Spray the roof

Use a garden hose, climb up the roof and then start spraying with the garden hose in different part of the roof to locate the position of the leak. Don’t do it during winter time as it is not good to spray water when it is already freezing outside.

  • Keep the gutters clean

One of the most common area and base of the leak is clogged gutters. Those gutters which are not clean clog the rain water and those clogged rain water can lead to causing of leaks.

  • Avoid dry rot

Dry rot is not at all related to any water damage issues but it is related to ventilation issues. If the roof repair is in the middle of the roof then it can happen that the plywood gets deteriorated. The roof will sag in and it can lead to cause the roof shingles getting cracked and brittle and then all these causes leak. If you want to prevent a dry rot then you should install a ridge vent. For letting the ridge vent to work you must have a soffit vent. Holes must be drilled through the soffit vent so that the cool air passes through the bottom and push the hot air out through the top.

How to select AMC for Home Care Services

Posted on February 28th, 2014 by by Home Caretaker

AMC for Home Care ServicesAnnual maintenance contracts for home care services have become very important in this day and age. It outlines time to time check-ups and routine work to control the performance and quality output. This is usually the core area of focus. The AMC comprises of these mentioned services:

• Preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance schedules.
• Annual shut downs to be planned and executed.
• Break downs to be provided with emergency services.
• Upgrading and optimizing working bag filters.
• Providing non- performing APC systems with expert advice.
• Refurbishment of the installed and working bag filters.
• Maintenance of minimum stocks of bag, pulse valves, solenoid valves, cages, sequential timer etc.
Choosing an AMC helps saves parts from unnecessarily high repair costs. To choose an AMC, you must ensure that they guarantee certain services.

They must provide you with genuine spare parts. As a customer you deserve to have the best. It should be value for money.

Some AMC’s will provide a maintenance bonus to you if you keep your appliances in good condition. They will supply you with a bonus coverage period when you renew your plans.

One thing that should be there in an AMC is reliability. They should listen and care for the customers and their needs. You should be able to rely on them.

One of the best features would be convenience. You should be able to get round the clock access to their services.

You should choose an AMC with assured and unlimited service. They should be able to serve you as often as you need it. They should have a good strong team of professionally trained service engineers who are just a call away.

An added bonus would be good upgradation offers. Sometimes AMC’s provide you with amazing discounts and exchange schemes.

Finally, you need guaranteed satisfaction. If they cannot fix your appliance, they should refund you on a pro-rata basis.

How to find home remodel contractors

Posted on February 7th, 2014 by by Home Caretaker

home remodel contractorsIt is necessary to see that a home remodel contractor is doing the right job or not. Judging a good home remodeling contractor is not an easy job. We have to go through certain points while hiring a good home remodel contractor for our home improvement.

• The first footstep is to accomplish your necessary home project. The task that needs to be performed at home should be given the first preference before consulting a home remodel contractor.
• Discuss with many contractors and get the best idea from them in order to get the best quotes.
• Home remodeling contractors business license and insurance papers are required before hiring them. Try to get the duplicate copy of the insurance papers and license. You are also required to verify their state’s contractor’s license and check whether it is expired or not.
• Request the contractors for orientation and entitle to each one and get the information of their labor prepared.
• It is important to investigate the task of each contractor to select the best one.
• Give the contractors one week time to respond to you. In between, you will get time to verify their suggestions for choosing the finest contractor.
• When you have done the examination and are about to call the contractor don’t disregard that the lowest proposal is constantly the best one.
• Never pay the total sum to your remodeling contractor. Try to give them 1/4th of the amount.
• Make an estimate of the time in writing letters because the estimation may be changed due to some unforeseen issues or problems.
• You should always look after what they are doing in your home and get in contact with them in order to complete the task.

Go after these points before hiring and you will get a good home remodeling contractor.

Wall Clock: A must have decor accessory

Posted on January 1st, 2014 by by Home Caretaker

Wall ClockBe it redecorating your house or simply buying a new clock, you should look at wall clocks not as show pieces that help you to keep a track of time but as beautiful decorative items. There are few factors that you must keep in mind while buying a wall clock so that you purchase one that complements your house decoration and goes well with its theme.

You must be careful about the wall clock material. If you are looking for a modern look then go for a metal wall clock. Whereas if ethnic is what you prefer, go for a wooden wall clock. They bring with them an old world charm and class.

The size of your clock is equally important. If you have a spacious house, purchase a big wall clock that complements the big walls. But if you live in a comparatively smaller place, buy a smaller pretty looking clock. If you like minimalism, opt for a simple looking clock.

There are uncountable designs that you can select from, and as many designers who will provide you with gorgeous looking wall clocks. You must do your research properly. Look up on the internet, ask friends and family who have wall clocks at home, and be sure about what you want for your house. A wall clock can either improve the look of your house, or bring it down drastically.

Another important factor is your budget. You will find decorative clocks in a variety of prices. Make sure you pick the best one which comes within your budget. There are many clocks that will come within your budget and still provide you with all that you are looking for. You just need to search for them in the proper places. Again, research is important.

If you don’t find anything of your choice in stores or designer galleries, you can attend auctions where you just might find what you are looking for and within your budget.

Faucet Designs

Posted on December 26th, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

Faucet DesignsBe it utensils, flooring, paints or other gadgets most kitchens are loaded with new inventions without even the realisation that what would happen had these gadgets not been there. When you go to the market an array of faucets are available in various designs made of various materials- silver, bronze, copper, chrome, nickel, brass and stainless steel. There are various faucets which come with various technological advancements like soap dispensers, touch less controls (now widely used in a lot of parts), water purifiers and the last one being pull out sprayer. This allows counter top washing facility and vegetable washing facility and is a preferable choice by most customers. Here are some faucet designs you might like considering:
Smart faucet by iHouse: this is a faucet which is very advanced technologically, allows you to check e-mail and calendar while washing your hands. So smart that it recognises the use and regulates water temperature and LED light according to the use preference.

Think Geek LED faucets: These kinds of faucets have LED lights attached inside them. LED faucet lights are a sensation among upcoming faucets. The colour of the light changes according to the temperature of the water from red to blue accordingly.

The faucet buddy: designed by the Baek Uyeol this is a gadget which is not a faucet but something to attach to the faucet in order to control the temperature and also to see how much of water has been used.

+shifter faucet: inspired by the gears of a car this faucet is designed especially to regulate the use of the water by the user using its gear like handles

X touch mixer faucet: designed to drive out the use of traditional faucets with knobs. This faucet systems used buttons instead t open the tap close it and also to set the temperature of the water according to our needs.

Benefits Of New Window Installation

Posted on November 17th, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

New Window InstallationInstallation of a new window might be a tricky chore. However it is a particular task that could prove to be a rewarding experience to you. Here are some tips which are going to help you a lot to think of the proper measures. Take a look at your windows and talk to professionals to find out what you need to get the project done

• Set up a proper budget- In the first place you do need to make it a point that you have set up a proper budget. If you have got a proper budget in store then it would be pretty easy for you to focus on the entire project in an immaculate manner.
• Get in touch with a reliable pro- Apart from having a budget related plan and arrangement in store you do need one more thing. You do need to get in touch with a reliable pro It is very important actually. It is only a pro that can justify your requirements. Make no mistakes about it. Hire the right one for you.
• Have realistic plans in mind– Before you do anything you need to be very particular and specific about the plan that you have at the back of your mind. Chalking out the plan before hand is very important. It is also equally important to hit upon a realistic or pragmatic plan. If you have a pragmatic plan in store then you are definitely going to do justice with the intricate requirements of the installation work.

So there were some of the benefits that you would not like to forget about window installation. The procedure is indeed a high octane one. So make it a point that you are going to take a cautious stand from the scratch. You should do so to lead the project to a successful completion.

Pros of using laminated glass

Posted on October 14th, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

laminated glassLaminated glass is non brittle glass which helps securing your house. In today’s times safety has become a major issue to deal with. With the increasing numbers of burglary and murders we are no longer feeling safe in territories of our own because we have no idea when these cannibals can break in and how intense or serious it can be. Thus the need for safeguarding our houses and protecting it against the attack of these people is an issue of utmost importance nowadays.

Laminated glass can be used in windows as this is the most used gateway to enter the houses by thieves and burglars. These glasses are very hard making it very difficult for a thief to break in. If several blows are made on this glass then there are chances of it getting cracked but normally any thief would not want to waste his time on that much effort and make noise by hitting the glass which will lead him to giving up. Check the windows which look easy enough to access and use this laminated glass on those windows only. Once the glass is installed, make sure that the sealing of the window is locked. This lock ensures the burglar won’t get in by hook or by crook. Laminated glass ensures that your house is protected from the outside by burglars and other pests. If your pockets allow you then you can use this glass on all the windows, otherwise use it only on those which are susceptible to attack.

Laminated glass not only protects the house by looking into its safety and security it also can control dollar energy levels. It lowers the house conditioning costs by reducing sunlight heat gain. It also controls glare from sunlight.

Laminated glass is durable, versatile in designing, easily installed, has low visual distortion and helps in UV control.

Ideal colors for your bedroom

Posted on September 2nd, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

bedroom colorYour bedroom is undoubtedly the place where you are at your most relaxed state of mind. The peace and calm of the bedroom is a welcoming after the daily grind. Therefore it is very important that while you decorate your house and apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your rooms, you choose some soothing colors for the walls of your bedroom. While painting the room you will have to keep in mind that the colors that you choose should make your bedroom look beautiful and at the same time bring in a relaxing mood with calmness and peace.

One of the best colors that you can use to paint the walls of your bedroom is blue. This hue represents the peaceful blue sky and is very effective in soothing your senses. It comforts your eyes and is soft and relaxing at the same time. If you think that using only blue paint your on bedroom walls will be a tad bit boring then you can opt for the greenish blue or the brownish blue hue for the walls. Another color that is perfectly suited for the bedroom is yellow. Reminiscent of the sunlight, yellow will add an element of brightness in your room. However, make sure that you choose a lighter shade of yellow for the desired calming effect. Warn honey yellow and the soft butterfly shade of yellow is wonderful choice.

Green is another very popular bedroom wall color and it represents nature. Green walls will make your bedroom soothing and relaxing. Instead of opting for the brilliant bright shades, opt for the cool pastel shades of green. Purple can be used for the walls of your bedroom; it will remind you of lavender and add freshness to the room. Muted tones of purple like lavender and lilac are brilliant choices.

Pest control services: do you need them?

Posted on June 22nd, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

pest control, home careMany people underestimate the value of pest control services. Pests are present everywhere. By pests we can mean something small like termite or something as large as a rat or a bat. Many of us see a lizard or an ant or spiders in our home and our first instinct is to just, shoo them away. But have you ever wondered if there are more and if they are breeding somewhere, hiding way from the prying eyes of the owners.

A hundred something ants plotting to eat up crumbs and invade your food stores are not a pleasant thought. Also some pests like bats, rats, roaches, mosquitoes, and others are also harmful for health as they might spread allergies and diseases like plague or malaria or something. So a regular pest control check up and clean up is very important for every home. Make sure that the chemicals, fumes, and sprays, which they use, are eco friendly so that you or your family members are not harmed by their presence in the air.

Few tips for decorating stair cases

Posted on June 9th, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

Staircases, home decorThe stair case constitutes a very important part of your home. Many people simply overlook the staircases and the need to decorate them properly. But if well decorated, then the stair cases too can contribute a lot to make your home look attractive and unique. This article will take you through few important tips for decorating your stair case.

Various types of decorative banisters are also available that you can use in your stair case. The banister you choose to decorate your stair case should be in compliance with the interior of your home. You can use either wooden or wrought iron banister. You can also use carpets on your stair case to add to the beauty of your home. Carpets can be single colored or can be textured. The color of the carpet should be bold and should match the interior of your home properly.

Many people also prefer hanging pictures or mural paintings on the wall adjacent to the stair case to add aesthetic to the beauty of the stair case and also to that of the home.