Ideal colors for your bedroom

bedroom colorYour bedroom is undoubtedly the place where you are at your most relaxed state of mind. The peace and calm of the bedroom is a welcoming after the daily grind. Therefore it is very important that while you decorate your house and apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your rooms, you choose some soothing colors for the walls of your bedroom. While painting the room you will have to keep in mind that the colors that you choose should make your bedroom look beautiful and at the same time bring in a relaxing mood with calmness and peace.

One of the best colors that you can use to paint the walls of your bedroom is blue. This hue represents the peaceful blue sky and is very effective in soothing your senses. It comforts your eyes and is soft and relaxing at the same time. If you think that using only blue paint your on bedroom walls will be a tad bit boring then you can opt for the greenish blue or the brownish blue hue for the walls. Another color that is perfectly suited for the bedroom is yellow. Reminiscent of the sunlight, yellow will add an element of brightness in your room. However, make sure that you choose a lighter shade of yellow for the desired calming effect. Warn honey yellow and the soft butterfly shade of yellow is wonderful choice.

Green is another very popular bedroom wall color and it represents nature. Green walls will make your bedroom soothing and relaxing. Instead of opting for the brilliant bright shades, opt for the cool pastel shades of green. Purple can be used for the walls of your bedroom; it will remind you of lavender and add freshness to the room. Muted tones of purple like lavender and lilac are brilliant choices.

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