How to take care of your futon covers

futon covers of sofa If you are using a futon as a cover for your sofa or bed then it is very important to take care of it. Always cover your futon with a futon cover which is slightly thicker than most sheets and protect your futon from dust and stains.

However just covering your futon with a futon cover is not enough. Regular care of your futon cover is important as that is what is visible to the eye. Here are a few steps that you can follow that will make your covers clean and everlasting:

1)      Vacuum the covers regularly. This will remove the daily dust from the surface of the covers and avoid them from settling in. this in turn will make sure that your cover remains cleaner for longer and you have to wash it once a while.

2)      When you wash your covers, follow the cleaning instructions carefully. Use soft detergent and also soak them in a fabric conditioner to ensure the quality of the cover. Hang them to dry in a shaded area to protect the color.

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