How to convert your bathroom into an exotic spa

Are you bored of your old bathroom décor? How about changing the look of your bathroom and making it into a relaxing exotic spa? Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not. Now with a few tips, you can bring in a spa into your own home-a place where you can relax and unwind whenever you like. With a few inexpensive changes and the right kind of lighting, you can make your own spa.

First of all, have a good, clam wall color. Settle for shades of lime green or pale peach or even bluish grey. Invest in a tub. Without this, spas are incomplete. Have a nice rock or ceramic tub. Install small stone shelves around it to place your toiletries.  Place small indoor potted plants on the windowsills and near the door. You can also place some candles around it. Finally, always keep a room freshener handy to make your bathroom-cum-spa smell great 24X7.

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