How To Clean Your Carpet

tips of carpet cleaning

Ways of carpet cleaning

Carpet as a flooring material has plenty of advantages but yes of course any spills on such floors can leave spots and stains behind and daily traffic can also be an issue. Hence where carpet gives great look for your floor, it also takes some extra effort from you for keeping it clean. You cannot use any material for cleaning your carpet; you need to be very careful as to which type of carpet you have and what will suit while cleaning it. Certain carpet needs dry cleaning while certain are okay with water based cleaning also. You need to see which type of carpet you have and what cleaning method goes with it. Some carpet needs vacuuming while some needs stain cleaning while some needs cleaning. Cleaning your carpet will help you to make your carpet last for long time. Carpets add warmth to your home and the colors, texture, designs of carpets makes your home look really beautiful. But it also gets dirty and using dirty carpet is unhygienic. Hence take it out to professional for cleaning your carpet or you can also try cleaning your carpet by yourself by learning the right tips. Here are some of the ways to clean your carpet.

  • Test for colorfastness

Colorfast carpets are not prone to fading or bleeding or any change when you are trying to clean it or trying to remove any stains. By knowing the fact whether it is colorfast or not will determine the cleaning method of that carpet. It will also decide the product you are choosing for cleaning your carpet. First of all you need to find a carpet scrap or even find any inconspicuous spot like any carpet inside your closet. Vacuum that carpet. Damp a cloth with that cleaner or the stain remover which you want to choose. Lay the cloth for an hour on your carpet and after that blot the damp area by using a dry white cloth. If the cloth gets stained with carpet dyes then test different cleaning product till the time you find that one which is not making the carpet sample to bleed.

  • Water extraction method

While cleaning your carpet, majority of the people make use of water extraction units which are also called as steam cleaners. These method works by injecting a particular solution in carpet pile and then pull out the dirty solution back in the machine. For avoiding the hassle of dragging out a hose around your house, choose a model which don’t need clean water hookup.

  • Dry extraction method

One of the methods for cleaning your carpet is also dry extraction method. Here you need to spread a dry absorbent compound all over your carpet which is going to be cleaned and then you need to vacuum it with the specific cleaning machine. These methods generally work better than the steam cleaners. But this method of cleaning your carpet is more expensive as compared to that with water extraction method.


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