Faucet Designs

Faucet DesignsBe it utensils, flooring, paints or other gadgets most kitchens are loaded with new inventions without even the realisation that what would happen had these gadgets not been there. When you go to the market an array of faucets are available in various designs made of various materials- silver, bronze, copper, chrome, nickel, brass and stainless steel. There are various faucets which come with various technological advancements like soap dispensers, touch less controls (now widely used in a lot of parts), water purifiers and the last one being pull out sprayer. This allows counter top washing facility and vegetable washing facility and is a preferable choice by most customers. Here are some faucet designs you might like considering:
Smart faucet by iHouse: this is a faucet which is very advanced technologically, allows you to check e-mail and calendar while washing your hands. So smart that it recognises the use and regulates water temperature and LED light according to the use preference.

Think Geek LED faucets: These kinds of faucets have LED lights attached inside them. LED faucet lights are a sensation among upcoming faucets. The colour of the light changes according to the temperature of the water from red to blue accordingly.

The faucet buddy: designed by the Baek Uyeol this is a gadget which is not a faucet but something to attach to the faucet in order to control the temperature and also to see how much of water has been used.

+shifter faucet: inspired by the gears of a car this faucet is designed especially to regulate the use of the water by the user using its gear like handles

X touch mixer faucet: designed to drive out the use of traditional faucets with knobs. This faucet systems used buttons instead t open the tap close it and also to set the temperature of the water according to our needs.

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