Decorating the area under the stair

Tips to decorate place under stairs, home decorWhen it comes to decorating, often the area under the stairs gets neglected. Once the potential of this space is recognized, you can convert it in a number of ways like making a hallway, a storage area or open into a room and enhancing the space available. Be sure of what you make of the space and then think of decorating.

If the drain lines and water supply are close, you can create a toilet or shower or convert the space into a mini-utility area with a dryer and a washing machine. You should try to match the space with the surrounding with same colors or wallpaper and same floor covering so that the newly formed area does not look like an afterthought part of your home. How easily you can access the area under the stairs mostly depends upon the staircase type and its position. You can then decorate the area with artistic pictures and fancy lights to match the look.

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