Curtains or blinds which one is a best pick

Have you built a new home and worried about which on e to use for your window: curtain or blind? You can use anyone according to your choice. But if a comparison study is made then it will be seen that the curtains are relatively much more advantageous than the blinds. You should know some of the advantages of the curtains before going in for any one of them. The curtains come in a variety of designs and patterns. They are normally hung from a curtain holder. The design of the curtain holder also depends on your personal choice and the interior decoration of your home. You can either go for matching curtains or those which are contrasting with your room. The curtains can be very easily cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


Thus there is little or chance of accumulation of huge dust. This facilitates the people suffering from asthma or any sort of dust allergy. The most important advantage of the curtain is that it provides sufficient warmth in times of winter and keeps the room cool by restricting the entry of sunlight during summer. But in spite of all of these advantages it can’t be said that the curtain is always a good choice than the blinds because the blinds also have certain advantages over the curtains. So before buying you should carefully go through the advantaged of both and then decide which one is the best to serve your purpose.

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