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Few tips for decorating stair cases

Posted on June 9th, 2013 by by Home Caretaker

The stair case constitutes a very important part of your home. Many people simply overlook the staircases and the need to decorate them properly. But if well decorated, then the stair cases too can contribute a lot to make your home look attractive and unique. This article will take you through few important tips for […]

Tips to fix a broken stair

Posted on September 27th, 2012 by by Home Caretaker

Is your stair broken? Are you worried about how to fix the stair? Before you think of fixing the broken stair, ascertain the main reason behind the damage. Identify the place where the stair has broken and depending on that identify the reason due to which it has broken. It may be due to huge […]

How to repair your staircase

Posted on August 15th, 2012 by by Home Caretaker

Repairing a staircase is not a task that would require a lot of expenses or the use of any specific professional tools, but may require a lot of your patience and can be done quite efficiently with the tools found commonly at your home. In most cases repairing a staircase is quite a bit like […]

Staircase railing options

Posted on May 12th, 2012 by by Home Caretaker

Staircases are considered to be very trendy these days with beautiful design options available. The railings are what make the stairs look elegant and beautiful. The first thing that comes to the mind considering railing options is the type of railing you want. There are railing options like that of different materials like wood handrails. […]

How to laminate you stairs

Posted on May 9th, 2012 by by Home Caretaker

Laminating your stairs is not an easy job but if you follow a proper guidance then the job can be done easily without any expert help. Here are a few steps that can be followed if you are looking forward to laminate your stairs: 1) Choose the color of the laminate that you want for […]