Care and Maintenance of Wood Siding

Wood sidingWood siding, offers extraordinary beauty, gives glamorous look but you can’t forget its cost. If you are installing wooden siding then you need to maintain it with due care so that it lasts long. It’s such expensive that its maintenance will become prerequisite for you. With great looks comes greater responsibility. Here are some of the tips for maintenance of wood siding.

  • Protect finish of wood siding

Wood is such a material which must be protected with finish either by paint or by clear sealer. It should be protected from staining. If left without finishing, it may lead to rot and decay because of moisture. Wood is such a material whose size does not remain constant. According to the changes in weather, it expands and contracts. This expansion and contraction deteriorates paint finishes, invites crack and put pressure on caulked seams nearby windows, doors and corners. If the caulked seams are departed and it fails to keep the moisture away, it may lead to cause rot in the wood. And likewise it deteriorates wood siding of your house. Wood siding should also be protected by painting it with passage of time. It keeps your siding safe. There is variety of colors available and it can be changed anytime. A house possessing wood siding must be repainted every five years or at a stage where the color starts to fade.

  • Clean stains on your wooden siding

Collection of dirt on your siding is the most common reason for your siding color to fade. Clean your siding on a regular base. Once in a year, your siding should be cleaned with soapy water and soft bristled brush. Clear out the mildew from the siding with bleach or any other stain removing material you feel preferable.

  • Prevent your wood siding from damage

The most common damage that wooden siding face, is due to water infiltration, especially when the siding is placed beside windows, doors and corner moldings.  Check out for the caulk which has been cracked or they has been not in their places from the adjacent surfaces and gaps are left behind. In dry climate or weather having temperature above 65 degrees, reapply the exterior caulk whose color matches with your old one.

  • Replace your wood siding

Quickly replace those wood siding which shows signs of damage. The cause of damage is accidently hitting the siding by sticks and stones which are thrown from a lawn mower or even by baseballs. In rare cases, it may also damage due to change in moisture in atmosphere. While repairing, be careful if you are doing it yourself. Take care that while removing damaged part do not damage the other parts which are okay.

  • Restore the color of natural wood siding

Those wood siding which has lost its natural color can be brought back to its original color by using a wood cleaner or brightener. These are most probably used on wooden decks but they work very effectively on natural wood siding. You can get them from hardware storeor home improvement stores.



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