Aquarium Maintenance Tips

Tips to mainatin Aquarium, AquariumAn aquarium enhances the beauty of the house and thus it must be cleaned properly. It is your duty to keep a watch that the fishes are healthy which can be understood by seeing the color. Feed the fishes in proper quantities and check the filters and the lights daily. Make sure you don’t overfeed them. The pH and the temperature must be properly controlled or else it can destroy the fishes. In case of warm water fishes the heater inside must also be checked. Generally the filters need to be changed in two or three weeks.

Change the water when it gets dirty. You must clean the interior of the aquarium must be cleaned to remove any algae or other debris. If you have decorated it with plants, then proper pruning of the plants must be done and any unhealthy or dead plant must be removed. The exterior must be removed using soap water. Thus, these are the basic methods to keep it clean.

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