Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Roofs

Tile roofingTile roofing is prevalent since too many years. In fact we can say since centuries. Firstly it was used in the 3rd millennium BC in Greece. In previous times, roof tiles were prepared from slate and clay which were already ready and prepared. But now in the modern times they are prepared from plastic and concrete. There are many types of roof tiles. The simplest type of tile is flat tile. They are laid in an overlapping fashion. If you want to opt for roman patterns, they you can go for Tegula and Imbrex. These both are a combination of flats and curve to prepare a rain channel. Pantiles possess a s shaped look which is very easy to hook along.

Tile roofing was very famous in the 19th century specifically in US and England. You can also get interlocking roof tiles which look like pantile but it has extra top locks. Mission tiles and barrel tiles possesses semi cylindrical shape.


  • Longetivity

Roof tiles have a very good longetivity. They are pretty much durable. The roof tiles which were used by the Greeks in the 3rd millennium BC were unearthed by the archaeologist, are still in a great condition. If that old tiles which were made by using that old technology lasts this much long than think how long this new tiles prepared with new techniques and technology will last. It is estimated that these roof tile3s can last for fifty years but it can last even longer than expected.

  • Style

Roof tiles are stylish and they are even beautiful. It has a very different and certain flair which you cannot find in any other type of roofing material. It adds an extra charm to your house. The color of the tile you choose should be such that it matches up the exterior of your house. Thus the end result would be classy one. It’s the beauty of the tiles which attracts the buyer first.

  • Safety

The tiles are fireproof. Thus it adds safety to your house. These roof tiles are non combustible. Your house will be safe because if this fire if your neighbor’s house catches fire or when there is wild fire spread.

  • Resistant

Tile roofs are having very good resistancy against rotting and insect boring and thus they last for a long time.


  • Weight

Tile roofing is indeed too heavy. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of tile roofing. Because of its excessive weight, an extra reinforcement should be should be added to support the weight of the tile roof. This can cost you more an additional roofer should be hired and even extra material is need3e to construct this added reinforcement.

  • Fragile

It’s an accepted fact that t6ile roofing last for very long period of time but still you cannot walk on it as there always a fear that it might break. For its repairing also you need to hire such a person who knows how to walk on it without breaking it.

  • Maintenance

It’s not at all needed to replace a roof tiling for a long time but yet the material on it must be replaced after 20 years to prevent caving in the roofing.


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