A Brief on Bay Windows

Bay Windows, home decor ideasBay windows came into popularity in the 1870’s by its widespread use in Victorian architecture. Windows that project outward their window space from the main building in the shape of a square or some other polygon are called Bay windows. These add more space to the room without taking up any additional floor space. They angles most commonly used to create bay windows are 30, 45 and 90 degrees.

These windows provide the illusion of a larger room and give the building an architectural appeal, making it look a tad different from boxed up regular ones. The maintenance on these windows is practically negligible and they come in various shapes and sizes. There is an increasing popularity of such windows in San Francisco and New York. Bay windows can be customized to get that special feel to your home. They can have decorative glass patterns, vinyl blinds, more than three pieces in order to make more angles, in built lighting and many more.

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