3 Color Combos to Spice up the Culinary Zone

kitchen decor, kitchenAre you looking for the perfect color combo for your kitchen? The current trend in color schemes is contrast and here is a highlight on 3 fantastic color contrasts to spice up your culinary space.

If you are for a light open look, there is option of yellow and white contrast. By yellow, it means the lemonade yellow tone which can be applied to your culinary walls while you can color up the kitchen cabinets and tables in a bright white. The combo is good for a spacious feel. If you are planning for a striking contrast, there is option of red & white combo. This is good for a bigger kitchen as red exudes a warm feel and could too hot to handle for smaller spaces. Mark up the kitchen walls in vibrant red, keeping a white tone for the kitchen furniture and accessories.

A neutral look is very popular with the trendy kitchens these days which can be achieved with a subtle blend of grey on the walls and brown tone on kitchen furnishing.

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